Projects and Deliverables


Hospitals and Health Care Systems

  • Evaluated the adequacy and quality of pathology services
  • Designed models for delivery of pathology service and pathologist reimbursement
  • Conducted billing, utilization, and compliance audits
  • Advised pathologist contracting
  • Assisted with pathology recruiting

Clinical Laboratories

  • Acquired CLIA certification, CAP accreditation and state licenses
  • Authored laboratory procedures
  • Developed quality control and quality assurance systems
  • Developed models for laboratory management and service¬†delivery
  • Developed quality control and quality assurance systems
  • Supported sales team in client presentations, sales strategy, and customer service
  • Presented webinars, live presentations on applying lean production techniques
  • Implemented lean production techniques
  • Performed mock inspections
  • Performed feasibility study start-up toxicology laboratory

Pathology Practices

  • Designed models of practice organization, service delivery, quality assessment
  • Wrote pathology service proposals
  • Wrote laboratory start-up manual
  • Analyzed scientific literature
  • Assisted with pathology contracting
  • Wrote strategic plans

Private Equity Firms

  • Evaluated laboratory corporate and billing compliance
  • Performed laboratory accreditation mock inspections
  • Evaluated laboratory operations
  • Evaluated laboratory Information Technology capabilities

Defense Attorneys

  • Advised defense attorneys on matters relating to laboratory quality, CLIA and CAP compliance, and laboratory oversight
  • Researched medical literature


  • Developed outcome-based dashboards for strategic planning and governance
  • Designed education and orientation program for Trustees
  • Provided 4.2 million dollars worth of assistance yearly to over 3700 under-served citizens while maintaining levels of operating margin, operating cash, and days cash on hand that exceeded national benchmarks
  • Established a dental clinic providing care to 2500 under-served citizens within first¬†6 months of operation
  • Provided 2.5 million dollars of medication to under-served citizens
  • Initiated strategic and master plans for hospital-owned health and fitness center including a 7.5 million dollar, 40,000 sq. ft. facility expansion
  • Initiated a community family program which, in the first 2 years of operation, increased revenues from 3 to 4.5 million, membership from 5,000 to 9,000, maintaining net operating margin of 22%
  • Initiated community health screenings and hospital referrals
  • Assisted in developing Cancer Center, expanding primary care services into secondary markets, Hospitalist and Intensivist programs, Physician succession plan, Joint ventures with staff physicians (MRI, Sleep Lab), system of to assess implementation of burgeoning technology
  • Achieved unprecedented growth of CAP HOD member engagement measured in enrollment, meeting attendance, and satisfaction scores of House Delegates and CAP Governors
  • Planned budget
  • Developed legislative and regulatory policy


  • Designed, planned, and monitored approximately 100 national studies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine quality outcomes, benchmarking and best practices conducted in 1000 institutions worldwide, 1 million dollars of revenue annually
  • Performed laboratory inspections nationally and internationally
  • Wrote quality outcome summary reports and analyses for customer distribution
  • Published articles in peer reviewed journals
  • Presented data at national society meetings
  • Reviewed manuscripts dealing with quality practices for several medical journals
  • Provided data/established standards of performance to support CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program
  • Designed and implement member engagement plans
  • Authored mission statements and strategic plans
  • Designed Internet-based learning and professional consultation system
  • Authored cancer diagnostic protocols
  • Designed planned and conducted national and international scientific symposiums
  • Evaluated best practice studies
  • Designed performance improvement plans; cited for excellence by the Joint Commission
  • Performed national and international accreditation inspections
  • Authored articles on pathology and laboratory service delivery