New Approach To Surveys: Building Quality From the Inside

Murphy K, Novis DA, Hansen AJ. Chapter VI.A New Approach To Surveys: Building Quality From the Inside. CLIA Compliance Handbook. The Essential Guide for the Clinical Laboratory. 2nd Edition. Institute of Management & Administration Inc. New York. 2009.

CLIA Compliance Handbook: The Essential Guide for the Clinical Laboratory, 2nd Edition

To operate legally and be eligible for reimbursement under Medicare and Medicaid within U.S. jurisdictions, an entity performing clinical laboratory testing for diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and monitoring, or for the assessment of patient health or impairment, must satisfy federal requirements that implement the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988 (CLIA).

Prepared with the help of five leading laboratory professionals, legal experts C. Anne Pontius; Kathleen A. Murphy, PhD; David. A. Novis, MD; Alyn J. Hansen, MT; and Robert E. Mazer, JD and Washington G-2 Reports editors this exclusive Research Report gives you detailed coverage of key issues, such as:

  • Lab regulations under CLIA
  • CLIA certification programs and fees
  • CLIA standards for test performance
  • How to meet CLIA quality system requirements
  • Lab inspections and surveys under CLIA
  • New approaches to surveys
  • CLIA sanctions and other legal issues

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